How To Overcome Fear By Turning Lions Into Kittens

How To Overcome Fear By Turning Lions Into Kittens

Exploring Fear with Examples:

Ever rushed up the stairs in the dark, feeling like someone might be behind you? Or felt a chill going to the bathroom late at night, worried about the imaginary unknown? These irrational fears stem from our evolved psychology designed to keep us safe in a dangerous world.

Evolved for Caution

Our minds, like our bodies, evolved in a perilous environment. Early humans faced numerous threats, leading to the development of a risk-averse nature and an inclination for chronic stress. Our ancestors had to assume the worst to survive.

The Ambiguity Issue

Picture this: you’re in the wilderness, observing an animal silhouette against the horizon. Is it a harmless kitten or a dangerous lion? The safest bet is to assume it’s a lion and react for self-preservation. This survival instinct is still with us, even though we no longer face such clear and present dangers. Today’s threats are debts, illnesses, relationship problems, and career issues, replacing the lions of our past.

The Power of Perspective

But here’s the crux: overcoming fear is all about perspective and mindset. Viewing challenges as kittens rather than lions can help us remain calm and happy, even in difficult situations. It’s essential to reassess our situations, take control of our anxiety and stress, and realize that our fears might not be as threatening as they seem.

Transforming Fear

So, how do you turn lions into kittens and conquer fear? By evaluating why you’re scared and determining if the fear is justified. Consider contingency plans and coping strategies to handle the challenges effectively.


Remember, it’s all a matter of perspective. By changing your mindset, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, you transform the reality you experience. Learn to see the kittens, not the lions, and watch your fears diminish and your courage soar.

s perform worse and feel worse.

How do you turn your situations into kittens and overcome fear?

Simple: you assess exactly why you’re afraid and whether or not there really is a good reason for you to be. Likewise, you can look at contingency plans and coping mechanisms.

Remember: it’s all just perspective. Change your mindset (beliefs, thoughts, feelings) and you change the reality that you experience!

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