ALPHA - It's about becoming the best version of yourself

Embracing and harnessing our personal power is the most precious gift we can offer ourselves and those around us.

So today, choose YOU.

Choose to unleash the powerful creator within, and sculpt the life you’ve always dreamt of. 

Alphadog Success Pack Leader Protocols

Lead A Life Of Purpose

Don’t wait for happiness to find you. Take the reins of your life, define your purpose, and become the alpha of your own story. It’s time to let your confidence speak for itself.

Chasing Happiness vs. Living Purposefully

Happiness can feel like an endless race, always one step ahead of us. Living purposefully is the key to true contentment. It's about finding meaning in your journey, not just your destination.

Clarity: The Antidote to Stress

Stress often stems from uncertainty and a lack of clarity. We'll guide you in finding clarity in your purpose, your goals, and your problems. When you know exactly what you're up against, stress loses it's grip.

Level Up Your Awareness

Awareness is the first step toward change. We'll help you see the patterns, habits, and beliefs that may be holding you back. With awareness comes the power to transform.

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are like invisible fences, constraining your potential. We'll help you to identify those blocks and break through them. Replace self-doubt with self-belief.

Emotion Mastery

Your emotions shouldn't control you; you should control them. We'll teach you the art of emotional intelligence, empowering you to respond, not react.

Read. Grow. Thrive.

Books have the power to ignite change. These books aren’t just pages; they’re keys to transformation. Dive in, absorb the knowledge, and let it propel you towards greatness.

Pack Leader Protocols Ebook

Pack Leader Protocols

10-part leadership and success training guide designed to help you unlock true personal transformation no matter your age or prior experience.

Empower Yourself Ebook

Empower Yourself

Discover your personal power and unlock profound transformation. It’s time to take back control of your life, see the beauty in the experience, and experience more success.

Drew Kairos - Pack Leader Productivity

Pack Leader Productivity

An executive guide to next-level personal and professional productivity and success.

Success Attitude Book

Success Attitude

We all want more success in your life, right? So how do we get it? It all starts with you. Get started right now by implementing the 5 suggestions inside.

Tame The Lion Within

Tame The Lion Within

The road to success is going to be filled with obstacles. Let this guide help you navigate your way around the potholes and the roadblocks.


Practical Mentalism

“Man was born free. But everywhere, he is in chains.” This observation is spot-on regarding how most people choose to live their lives. Don't let it be you.

The Alphadog Digital Marketer

The Alphadog Digital Marketer​

Build mental toughness, improve physical fitness, and grow your business - without losing your mind!

Alphadog Internet Profits Book

Alphadog Internet Profits​

A step-by-step blueprint to building an internet business that will generate lasting, passive profits.

Internet Business Success Formula

Internet Business Success Formula

Why 90% of businesses fail. Mental cornerstones to success business.

Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Limiting Beliefs Ebook

We've all heard the term "limiting beliefs" but what are they? How can we identify them? And better yet, how do we change them?


Mindset Transformation

How does your mind actually work, what nutrients and habits cause more harm than good? Unlock your mind to take back control.

Healy 5D

Frequency Therapy: Harmonize Your Health and Well-being

Experience the transformative power of Frequency Therapy, a cutting-edge approach to holistic wellness. Through the precise application of frequencies, this therapy can enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Audio Alchemy for Personal Growth

Immerse yourself in a world of transformation with powerful audio training. These recordings are your keys to unlocking personal power, manifesting dreams, boosting confidence, and finding inner peace.
Let the power of audio be your guide on the path to self-improvement and well-being.  

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Free Hypnosis Audio

Brain Power. Law of Attraction. Wealth. Weight Loss. Confidence. Pick your FREE Hypnosis MP3 sample.

Brain Evolution System

Brain Evolution System

RELEASE stress, THINK sharper, BOOST your mood, CONTROL emotions, INCREASE energy levels.



The World's Best Kept Productivity Secret! New MP3 Automatically "Tunes" Your Brain to Help You Get More Done in Less Time.

Raikov Effect

Raikov Effect (As-If)

Secret Russian experiment from 1971 creates “genius brain” in 10 minutes. Steal other's genius with this as-if technique.

Sleep Salon

Sleep Salon

Get rid of all your sleeping problems in minutes. This science-backed MP3 will get you sleeping like a baby in minutes.

Rewrite History

Rewrite History

What Self-Sabotaging Beliefs from Your Childhood and Adult Life Are Holding You Back RIGHT NOW? Let's ERASE Them!

Personal Development Freebies

FREE "Brainwave Entrainment"
MP3 Audio Download...

The personal development journey is not an easy one… 

Sometimes it feel like no matter how hard we work on ourselves, there is always something that still needs improvement – maybe it’s our beliefs?

To help you cut through the noise and start experiencing a breakthrough faster than you ever thought possible – 
I would like to offer you a choice of free Brainwave Entrainment MP3.

Health & Supplements

X3 Bar (Home Gym)

This resistance band training system provides up to 600 pounds of resistance!
Get a full-body workout in 15-minutes!

Pure Himalayan Shilajit

SUPER nutritious. Includes Humic & Fulvic minerals. Starts at only $7.99.
Get more energy, less brain fog, balanced hormones, increased libido, and more – 100% chemical free.

Ka'Chava (Superfood)

A healthy and all natural meal-replacement shake with TONS of essential building blocks for maximum health. They also have BARS now, which are delicious.
Get $15 OFF your first order.

10X Pure CBD Oil

Not all CBD is created equally. With up to 600x more CBDa per serving than other leading brands, 10xPURE GOLD blend is truly nature’s miracle. 

Don Pablo: Organic, Low Acid Coffee

Don Pablo Coffee is a world-class grower and roaster of specialty grade, small-batch roasted-to-order coffees.

Sourcing the best quality specialty grade beans from the top 2% of the world’s coffee production. 

Ancestral Supplements

Putting back in, what the modern world has left out (to return people back to strength, health and happiness). 

Join the movement of full Nose-to-Tail nutrition and experience the difference today.

Healy 5D Frequencies

Frequency applications have been developed over decades of research by practitioners and scientists. The safety of this method has been proven by many studies and decades of experience, which have been confirmed by thousands of applications from our own practitioners.

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