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Drew went above and beyond to help me to break through my limiting beliefs and step into my greatness. His direct and honest feedback always came from a place of compassion and empowerment. Drew truly “walks the walk,” and his enthusiasm motivates anyone in his presence to be the best version of themselves.
Ashley L.
Small Business Owner
Very grateful to have Drew as my coach. He has a way of getting information across so that you understand it. He is very patient; I know I'm not the first person he's explained all this to, yet he acts like it 🙂 His energy is positive, yet mellow. Really glad to be a part of his team, and I know that I will owe my success to him. Thanks for being awesome Drew!!​
Nancy K.
Relationship Coach
I have been working with Drew since 2017 and he is a great friend, mentor, and coach. He knows EXACTLY what he's talking about. He's very personable and knowledgeable and one of the best in the business, in my opinion. I highly recommend him!
Jay C.
I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Drew. He is very knowledgeable in many areas of business and personal growth. I know that I would not be as far along in my journey if not for his input and support. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking to grow in any area of their life.
Victoria H
Life Coach
Drew's soulful and compassionate insights helped me gain clarity for my life path and career. I feel enlightened and empowered after each session. Drew is the best at understanding where one is at and encouraging for growth & action.
Joshua G.
Affiliate Marketer
Drew is extremely intelligent, personable, and draws from a rich depth of life experience. In fact, I quickly promoted him to a management position on my team because of his quality of character. He also has a real talent when it comes to writing copy and UX design.
Ego Science: Your portal to self-empowerment
Charley S.
CEO, EgoScience
Drew was WONDERFUL. He was very helpful and talented. His landing page converted higher than anything we'd ever used, and his follow up emails are creating real engagement. This guy really understands marketing.
Recommend 100%!!
Matthew Y.
Owner, V-Town Vapors
Drew is the go-to coach for anyone who is committed to living up to their fullest potential and stepping up as a leader in their life and field of work. When I had the honor of working with Drew, he guided me in identifying and articulating my value, and I now lead my life with more clarity and confidence than ever before.
Kim D.
I've had the pleasure of hearing Drew speak on several occasions and he is truly a gifted speaker. Drew is relateable, funny and really moves his audiences to action. He dubs himself as a recovering attorney, and has quite an interesting back story. I highly recommend him, 5 out of 5 stars….you will not be disappointed
Chuck H.
Drew is insightful, caring, and kind. His ability to be an excellent listener enables him to have a clear understanding of you and coach you effectively. He is a person you will want in your life forever.
Elena G.
Drew helped me to discover, identify and nurture my inner strengths. He has taught me to hone those skills through practice, patience & perseverance to become the successful entrepreneur that I have envisioned. I always look forward to our sessions.
Mike G.
I have had a few business coaches over the years, and Drew is the best! Extremely knowledgeable! Reliable, Consistent. Keeps me inspired and motivated. He has great resources that he is happy to share....what else do you need? Oh yeah...a great person too! I really look forward to our sessions together.
Kathryn K.
Drew helped me get everything started and I can't say enough about how patient and helpful he is. He is easy going, encouraging and honestly great to work with! He also made sure he answer the million questions I had specially when I got stuck:) Thanks Drew!
Diana B.
"Drew, I am so grateful to be working with you. You have proven time and time again to be very patient. You point me in the right the direction to find the answers to my questions. You inspire me to keep moving forward. Thank You for being a good listener. You have a true willingness to help. You never once made me feel stupid for asking a repeated question. I actually look forward to our coaching sessions. I also Thank You for keeping me focused and on track."
Sharon M.
Bank Manager
"Drew, you are such a Motivational Speaker, loved your Webinar and presentation! You are a great Coach and a terrific Person! You find the exact balance to motivate people on their personal life and business! You encourage us to move one step further, you inspire us to help each other as part of One Whole. You show professionalism and you focus on your clients' problems, teach us to work with confidence and to take action. You are patient and you have the ability to explain and guide people regardless their experience or knowledge in this business. Thank you very much!"
Sabina R.
I love working with Drew because he’s very patient, helpful and encouraging. He makes me feel confident and positive in building my business even though I’m just starting out. He’s very understanding and reassuring towards my lack of knowledge in building my business going forward. Thank you Drew!
Lynnette C.
I've been working with Drew for 6 training session now, and I have to say he is so knowledgeable, and inspiring as well. I found out that he works from home full-time and this is exactly what I'm eager to do. I believe if I stick with Drew this goal will be achieved. He's helping me through this step by step, and he's holding me accountable. I know with his tutelage I can do this!
Craig C.
I just want to say I am thankful to be working with Drew. I have no idea what I am doing, and he makes it look so easy with whatever I need help on. He is very patient, never gets frustrated, and keeps helping you along the way. He always has an answer for anything that I'm confused on. I always look forward to every coaching session so I can implement what he is teaching. If you haven't seen his videos, check them out. A real pleasure to watch and you'll learn a lot!
Robert L.
Drew is my third coach, so I have a yard stick to use here. He is helping me get my business prepared to move up to the next level. He has been patient and focused in his help. I look forward to working with him for a long time. Oh, and he gets bonus points for being a dog guy!
John K.
Drew is a great teacher! He is always willing to share the best secrets that he applies to his own success! Grateful to know him.
Carolina S.
Drew, I love working with someone who isn't bothered to take the necessary time needed to help me. You even help me figure out the questions!! hahaha Seriously, I appreciate your guidance and inspiration. You really want to help ppl succeed and I cannot tell you how refreshing that is. Thanks for dedication!
Kath D.
"What a pleasure to be able to work with you Drew! I have learnt a lot in relatively short space of time and I look forward to our regular work sessions. Thank you for your patience and prompt response to my questions at other times. You deserve to be successful! 5 stars from me!"
Colin G.
Owner, CGC Consulting
"You are excellent! I just need to take baby steps and see results as I go. I love your personality, your approach (always positive) (nothing is done wrong), you are very knowledgeable, patient with everyone (no matter what level of knowledge and practice they have). And, specially, you genuine care about us. Thank you!"
Maria L.
Life Coach
Drew is a fantastic coach. He has the ability and patience to explain questions and issues a student might have. He gives encouragement that no matter your age or experience you can learn something new.
Pat K.
Drew is the BEST...understanding where one is at...encouraging for growth/action..really knows how to motivate.
Xenia P.
Drew is my favorite traffic coach. I enjoy working with him. He's very patient, which I need, and also very Intelligent when it comes to computer and traffic stuff. I am working with him now and I would work with him again it the opportunity presented itself.
Isa W.
Drew you have been very helpful. I would like to have another talk with you. I am 81 and have no experience but have made $340.50 so far. Thanks for all you do!
Dalene D.
Very easy to communicate, prompt and very helpful - even with tasks related to a downline affiliate. I loved getting to spend a couple of sessions on just the overall marketing strategy itself.
Ravi P.
Drew has a welcoming and amazing personality. He is as authentic and also very good at what he does. With Drew, even the hard things seem simplified because he takes the time to explain and go through every step. He definitely made me feel comfortable and confident even as a beginner
Doris O.