You are NOT perfect...Just the way you are

You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are

There are more than enough songs telling us we’re perfect just the way we are. There are also many self-help books telling us that there’s really nothing to change. Lastly, we’ll find no shortage of motivational speakers or “coaches” who tell us, “You are perfect just as you are.”

But, we need to set all that aside. In fact, if I wasn’t being polite I would call them lies because that’s what they are. They are actually doing you a disservice because the more you believe in that, the more you wall yourself off from meaningful change in your life.

I’ve got some news for you. The only constant in life is change. That’s the only thing you can rely on occurring regardless of your actions beliefs or choices. It’s true right now and it will continue to be true long into the future.

It’s a good thing change is the only constant in life because, with change, we can continue to grow and improve. Change is actually a promise for better. It doesn’t matter how small you feel, how defeated you think you are, or how incompetent, ugly, and desperate things may seem to you. With change, you can turn things around to create a situation you are happy, proud, and confident about. Life would be so boring without change!

I once met a homeless man on the streets of Worcester, MA while I was the broker for an apartment rental agency and he said something that really blew my mind. He would come in for a cup of coffee or to use the restroom when the office was quiet. Occasionally, I would buy him or others lunch. Those conversations gave me an enlightening new perspective.

He was a guy who just had newspapers as his bed and lived a block or two away from my office. He used to say, “This too will pass.” I looked at him. I looked at the situation and looked at how desperate things seemed for him. It didn’t take long for my analytical mind and questioning ways to arrive at the same conclusion. This too will pass…

There I was wearing an impeccable shirt, a nice silk tie, and yes, I was incredibly connected to that homeless person. This was the truth that connects all of us. What we think our reality is will always pass because of time and change. Instead of looking at life as something that’s scary, or something we have to run away from, it’s there for us to learn to work with.

Easier said than done though, right?

How do we just change our perspective like that?
What’s the best way to make a change?
How do we make the deep and profound reality of change work for us instead of against us?

Well, it all boils down to perspective and expectations. Choose your thoughts carefully because when you assume that you’re perfect you cannot deny that change always happens.
Change is kind of like a fire. We can’t intimidate it or deny it’s existence. It will continue raging. burning. and marching forward.

It doesn’t care if you acknowledge it or not. Sadly, when you think you’re perfect the way you are, you end up getting burned by change. This doesn’t just happen once. It will happen again and again and again until you learn that lesson.

What lesson am I talking about?

First, if you are assuming you’re perfect it means you’re less likely to want to learn or grow or adapt. I don’t care how smart you are. I don’t care how well you have it together. You need to keep updating your knowledge, skills, perspective and awareness. Otherwise, you will get left behind.

Living in the Internet Age is both a blessing and a curse. Information is more readily available, but it also spoils quickly…Take the case of sales and sales training. You may have been at the top of the sales game ten years ago. But sales strategies from 10 years ago will only get you reported or ignored by people today.

Unfortunately, if you think you’re perfect, you already know everything. It prevents you from learning what you need to learn to level-up. Assuming you’re perfect also means you’re less likely to want to adapt.

Think of it like dodge ball. The world is chaotic and throws many dodge balls at us. We need to move, we need to be quick on our feet. But, to assume that you’re perfect means that you’re just going to stand still and get hit with one ball after another.

Soon enough, you’re bruised all over the place and you are lying flat on your back, exhausted, rundown, and feeling stuck. It’s not a happy ending. Assuming you’re perfect also means you’re likely to blame others instead of taking any responsibility yourself. “They’re imperfect. It’s not my problem. I’m perfect.”

Do you see the backwards logic of that?

It’s sad on so many levels. Most of all, it’s sad because when you blame other people, you give them power over your happiness, your success, and your life.

How so? Well, if they’re the one who caused the problem, typically this means they are also the only one with the solution.

It’s time for a reality check!

It can be hard enough controlling oneself. Can you imagine trying to control other people too? Forget about it.

If Bruce Almighty taught me anything – it’s that you can’t influence free will, no matter how powerful you think you are.

Life can be rough. It’s chaotic out there. But, the good news is that despite all this imperfection, there is beauty. There are sublime truths. There is profound peace and prosperity to attain, but you may need struggle for it.

You should uncover it. You should work for it. You’re not perfect, none of us are.

Life isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being real.

By accepting your imperfections and never failing to adapt, learn, or grow…you’re setting yourself up for lasting success.

~Guiding you to success!

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