How to Work With Your Energy to Get More Done in Less Time

How to Work With Your Energy to Get More Done in Less Time


Enhancing productivity and accomplishing more hinges significantly on our mental state. The traditional approach urges us to work against our natural inclinations, pushing ourselves to work when exhausted or uninspired. However, this constant internal battle is not the path to optimal productivity. Let’s explore an alternate route, one that follows the natural ebb and flow of our energy levels, aligning tasks with our innate rhythms for improved efficiency and satisfaction.

Embrace Your Natural Energy Flow

Fight Against Instincts?

The prevailing notion of mental discipline dictates the necessity to overcome our reluctance to work, compelling us to push through fatigue and temptation. This forceful approach, however, may not be the most fruitful.

Why Force Fails

Forcing ourselves to work against our will often leads to subpar outcomes and corrections later, wasting more time and energy in the process. Understanding and respecting our natural energy fluctuations is crucial for maximizing productivity.

Comprehend Your Energy Patterns

Rather than clinging to strict time management, recognize the significance of your energy levels in determining your work quality and efficiency.

The Wave of Energy

Our energy levels naturally wax and wane throughout the day, often beyond our control. Early mornings may bring ‘sleep inertia,’ a grogginess post-sleep, making us less effective in our tasks. Post-meal times can similarly induce sluggishness, thanks to the biochemical process converting food into sleep-inducing substances.

Tailoring Tasks to Energy Levels

Instead of battling these natural rhythms, adapt your schedule to leverage them. Allocate critical and engaging tasks for your most alert periods, and save low-energy tasks for sluggish intervals. This synchronization ensures higher quality work, completed more efficiently and enjoyably.

Implementing the Energy-Aligned Schedule

Observing Your Energy

Start by noticing your energy patterns throughout the day. Identify periods of peak alertness, average energy, and low energy.

Adjusting Your Schedule

Once understood, align your tasks accordingly. Tackle demanding and significant work during high-energy periods, while reserving mundane tasks for low-energy times.

Reaping the Benefits

By aligning your schedule with your energy levels, you will not only enhance your productivity but also make your work more enjoyable. You’ll accomplish tasks quicker and more efficiently, reducing the time spent correcting subpar work done in a state of exhaustion or distraction.


In conclusion, the path to greater productivity and satisfaction in work lies in respecting and aligning with your natural energy patterns. By adapting your schedule to these rhythms, you ensure optimal efficiency and quality in your work, reducing stress and increasing enjoyment in your tasks.

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