One Key Fact About Failure That Can Help YOu Succeed

One Key Fact About Failure That Can Help You Succeed

If you’re reading this, chances are you have dealt with some form of failure. I know it burns. I know it stings. I know that if given a chance, you’d rather not deal with it and focus more on enjoying the benefits of success.

Who wouldn’t?

That’s how most people tend to respond. But now we understand that failure is not what you think it is. Most people believe failure actually holds them back from achieving success.

Successful people think differently. They understand that failure will instead help them to succeed. They are more motivated by potential gain than intimidated by fear.

What does this mean?

First, for most of us, failure means pain. It is difficult since there’s pain there. It can be physical pain which is fairly rare but possible; but usually, it is a mental and emotional pain.

There’s nothing more painful than thinking you’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, emotional energy, focus, and willpower on something that didn’t pan out.

There’s also social pain because people may have known you were working on something and now you have nothing to show for it. You feel like a fool or a fraud! People may not be pointing fingers at you but it doesn’t make the pain go away because we want to impress people we love and respect.

Failure means pain and instead of running away from that reality, successful people understand that this means one thing and one thing alone. Since failure can be painful on so many levels, this means they have to work on the project with the urgency it deserves.

This is not playtime. This is not a joke. It’s not a hobby. It’s not something you do just because you have nothing else better to do. It’s real. It demands respect and focus. Successful people acknowledge it will involve pain, and understand its all part of the process.

This is why before they jump in, they get a full understanding of the risks and consequences involved. They don’t shy away from them. They don’t disregard the risk of bankruptcy. They don’t brush the possibility of fiascoes under the rug.

They look at them straight in the eye. They see that monster. They acknowledge it for what it is and then they look at what they stand to gain. Then, there’s this calculated risk that comes out of it.

It’s the pain that keeps them honest. It’s the prospect of losing that keeps their attention focused. This is how you make failure work for you instead of wasting all this tremendous amount of time, effort, and emotional energy by running away from it, making excuses for it, ducking it, and so on.

You understand that failure means pain, and instead this triggers you to step your game up. Use the pain of failure to motivate you. Get the motivation you need to stay focused long enough to achieve victory.

Success will not happen tomorrow. Success requires putting in the work, focus, and sacrifice day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Of course, it always helps to have someone on your side that can help you avoid unnecessary failures, see the blessings or the lessons in the failures you do experience, and keep you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually aligned with your highest good!

If you’re interested in working with a coach to speed up your progress, minimize your failures, and maximize your potential, then reach out and let’s get on a free, no obligation breakthrough call!

You have nothing to lose (except 45-min of your time) and everything to gain!

~Wishing you success!