Making Friends with Failure

How A Fear Of Failure Manifests More Failure

Did you know failure is your friend?

Depending on where you’re at in your life, you may either be laughing out loud or cringing. You may even have this almost irresistible urge to close this article and move on to more interesting things.

Well, hear me out. Most people are afraid of failure. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. This is part of the human condition. We are drawn to pleasure and we recoil from pain and discomfort.

We would love the big mansions, the swimming pools, the global vacations every two months, and the tons of money in the bank, but we hate or we try to avoid putting in day-after-day of seemingly meaningless work.

Try to avoid meeting the very difficult people that can lead to great deals because it’s painful to deal with them. We would like to get the reward without going through the painful process. I understand that since that’s part of human nature.

This is why we’re afraid of failure because we know it guarantees nothing. We can put in the work, the time, the effort and make all the sacrifices and at the end of that process, there’s nothing there.

You’re left holding an empty bag. The truth is you’re already failing right now if you’re not shooting for your goals and dreams. You really are failing because every day you spend being paralyzed by fear of failure is a day not spent working towards success.

Fear of failure can paralyze you or make you do things the wrong way.

The worst thing you can do is to put things off and wait for the ‘right time’ to happen because that perfect time never comes, right?

Stop waiting for tomorrow because tomorrow will never come. There will be many duties, responsibilities, and obligations that will pop up all over the place that will distract you. They will throw you off track. You can bet on that.

Fear of failure can also make you hesitate and doubt yourself. Doubt is an emotional cancer in certain contexts. It can burn away at you.

The worst part is it builds slowly until it explodes, usually at the moment you least expect it, and you end up crashing and burning. Don’t doubt your capabilities. Challenge yourself but don’t doubt.

The ultimate truth about you is that you can do it if you put in the time, effort, and sacrifice and choose the right goals. Unfortunately, if you’re so deathly afraid of failure, you won’t go through the learning process.

It’s painful to constantly think about failure, or failing, or not being good enough, or not having enough time, or whatever other excuse or limiting belief you can come up with. That’s why you’re not trying anything new – you think you’re avoiding failure. You don’t even give yourself the chance to succeed or fail.

Successful People Think Differently

We all want to be successful, but sometimes the fear of failure prevents us from trying new things. Failure is a necessary component on the way to success. If you’re not failing, then chances are you’re just sitting around doing nothing.

Successful people don’t fear failure. Believe it or not, successful people know failure is always a possibility. But they make it work for them. They view failure as the price they pay to learn and grow.

If you want a good example of this, pay attention to that quote from Thomas Edison. He said, “I didn’t fail to invent the light bulb. I discovered 101 ways of not inventing light bulbs.” Do you see the logic in that? Failure is the price you pay as you learn.

You can use it as a steppingstone to the ultimate success or you can use it as a gravestone to all your hopes, wishes, dreams, and ambitions. The truth is successful people view failure as a necessity.

Failure is not the opposite of success – instead, it’s part of the process.

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