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We’ve seen honest, smart people with great potential and passion for making an impact, just like you, feeling lost, frustrated or overwhelmed when they’re starting or growing their online business.

There is too much misleading advice and information in the “Mindset” and “Business” coaching community. On top of that, there’s the all-too-common addiction to fast and free strategies. Which inevitably result in feeling stuck and overwhelmed in the pursuit of success.

Shadow wolf

Your perception of the truth doesn’t always mean the truth.
Be open to taking a contrary view on what everyone else is doing and be open to questioning everything you thought you knew.
Nothing bad ever came from expanding your mind…​

Topics For Coaching



Everybody struggles with motivation from time-to-time. What do you do to get motivated?



Without a clear vision of what you want to create – how do you know if you’re on track?



We’re fixated on tools and strategies. Yes, they’re important, but they are only one piece of the puzzle.



Leadership is the ability to influence and guide followers or others without being pushy or disrespectful.


This isn’t about doing more things right, but about doing less things wrong. Don’t look for things to add, look for things to eliminate.


When we are more self-aware we are better at understanding ourselves, receiving feedback, empathizing with others, and reading the room.



Accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. Know your strengths and weakness, and have a positive view of yourself. 


Life Skills

The skills you learned to get you where you are today aren’t the same skills that will help you get where you want to go in the future.

Here's Where You Can Apply:


One-on-one / CEO Coaching

Work one-on-one with Drew Kairos. Includes Zoom sessions, plus ongoing email and messenger support.


Business Coaching

Unlike personal problems, business problems call for a more comprehensive approach that involves the whole team.


Management Coaching

Managing other people always requires a bit of a balancing act. Learn how to make better choices – without hesitation.


Workshops & Seminars

Get a subscription to our  weekly LIVE webinars courtesy of LM. Marketer’s Club is the Netflix for digital entrepreneurs.

1-on-1 Coaching Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying

"Drew is a great Teacher. He is methodical and goes at a good pace. He always pauses for questions and repeats anything with respect for the listener and not a feeling of "why can't you get this." Drew has that knowledge that I call "teaching knowledge. He not only knows his subject well, but has the ability to explain it to any level of listener understanding, from beginners to those leading their fields."

Charles Luther

"A million thanks for all your help and patience. I know you're a very busy person, yet calmly and courteously you take me through the steps to get my business up and working. I have never had anyone give me such personalized assistance. You have inspired me to be a more patient person, especially with myself."

Dorothy McKenzie

"Drew went above and beyond. I was nervous because I am a weirdo like that, but Drew was so easy to talk to. He has the knowledge and the patience. I wish I would have gotten him as my coach in the beginning because I feel I would have made much more progress. He is an excellent coach!!"

Shana Stokes

"I was at the point of super overwhelm when I booked a 1on1 session. We all have google to show us "how to” but Drew is there to show me why, when, where and so on...without wasting my precious time. I'm not afraid anymore about funnels. I highly recommend Drew and his sessions. Great personality and very patient. Makes the process fun. Thank you!"

Nina Golina

"Drew is really really good at his job. He is personable and authentic. He also delivers whether leading you through things or taking over so you can follow along. Without His help I would not be as far along and probably would have given up. Drew is the only reason I am still working on this."

Lenard Hall

"I was not expecting to get much value! I have been screwed over before, with 'oh the answer you need is an extra $500'. But you were just genuinely there to offer support. I am really greatful for you...the universe loophole king!!! 1000% I got more than I thought I would, you are handing out bricks of gold with how generous you are (Drew) with knowledge."

Marisa Beck

"Drew showed me exactly what I needed to do and was very patient with me. And I have a video I can look back on when I have to do this again. I am so grateful for you. This is the exact right company for new and veteran marketers to partner with because of this customer service. You don't leave us to go it alone and that is huge. It's part of the value that you provide. I feel like I'm part of an extended family!"

Kim Maithot

"Absolutely! Drew made me feel at ease, answered all my questions and helped me with my technical challenges. I felt much more confident with my abilities afterwards and have implemented everything we discussed. Drew is a great teacher. He is calm and patient and allows you to navigate for yourself and guides you when needed. He is supportive and encouraging."

Jules Hamilton

"Drew, is one of the fantastic, amazing people, I just love everything in him (his approach, support, simplicity, friendliness, knowledge, technical setups and system behind the screen) as its a pleasure to work with him, he is fast to guide, fix, review, all clear, to the point, and most important to me that after meeting him I am moving with clear goals to my next steps."

Olga Korshunova

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