The 2 Most effective ways to increase your productivity

The Two Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Productivity

For some people – perhaps even for you – the ability to increase productivity is basically like finding the Holy Grail. Why has upping productivity taken on such mythical proportions?

Simply put, increased productivity means increased earning potential. If you own a business where you provide any type of service, try to deliver the service in less time. Or better yet, figure out what tasks you can automate or outsource so you can focus on what you do best. This will allow you to take on more clients and earn more money.

Likewise, if you sell a product, finding a way to make or deliver that product faster and with less of your time will enable you to serve more customers and make more money.

When you find ways to do the same thing in less time, you’re become more efficient. Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand with time and money.

Undoubtedly, the more efficient you can make the process of completing any task, the more productive you’ll be.

Use these strategies to increase your productivity so you can be more effective:

1. Create a prioritized schedule for your work.

Whether using a post-it note or a Microsoft Word file, almost everyone has some type of system for creating and editing the classic “to-do” list. These lists are sometimes a hodgepodge of ideas and tasks that need to be completed in the future and not-so-distant future.

  • There is nothing wrong with maintaining a to-do list. Finding priorities is the main difference between completing your work and straining to organize everything. Still, the typical to-do list leaves much to be desired.
  • Unlike a conventional to-do list, a prioritized schedule takes things further, allowing you to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Prioritizing all of the tasks in front of you while balancing a longer-term schedule, allows you to figure out the most important thing to do now.
  • If you are creating a prioritized schedule and realize that you have a best friend’s wedding in two months, you’ll be able to bump getting a dress or tux way down the list, without completely disrupting your schedule.
  • A prioritized schedule puts things into perspective, allowing you to figure out what needs to be done at each moment.
    It ends “paralysis by analysis” by mapping out what needs to be done and when.

2. Seek out and accept specialized help.

Whether running a business or staying at home, it saves lots of time and energy if you collaborate with others.

  • An entrepreneur could develop all of the new programs needed to advance as a company, while working with prospective clients in addition to handling customer service and PR. However, most successful CEOs would never attempt doing this.
  • No matter how much you can do by yourself, your resources are finitely limited by one single factor that trumps all others… time.

You simply don’t have time to learn all of the skills with enough proficiency in the amount of time you have to create results and generate an income. Think about it… Do you even want to learn to do everything?

  • Rather than spend 8 hours a day answering phone calls, working on new products, shopping for groceries and cutting your own hair, it may be a more productive use of your time to zero in on the one or two things that give you the most results for the amount of energy that you put into them. Work with your strengths and your energies. Do more of what feels right.
  • For example, if developing a new product will eventually double the size of your business. By being able to cater to an additional market or consumer demographic, you expand your reach.

Paying someone to answer phones frees your time to devote towards projects that will give you more returns for your time. Outsourcing is the sure sign of a future Fortune 500 executive at work.

Combining this strategy while using a prioritized schedule will eliminate analysis paralysis and enable you to greatly increase your productivity. Focus on what’s most important for you and just do the work.

I promise – your productivity will soar.

~Wishing you success!